Law Enforcement Recruitment just got easier with Hero Helper AI.

Capture the attention of potential recruits like never before. With just 1-click, you can create attractive marketing materials, engaging social media post, emails, follow-ups, and more – in seconds.

What is Hero Helper AI?

Artificial Intelligence trained to write original and captivating content that effectively attracts qualified applicants.

Say goodbye to the days of agonizing over what to include in your weekly recruitment newsletter or daily social media posts.

Let our cutting-edge AI technology take the reins and effortlessly create engaging content for you.

What all can Hero Helper AI do for you?

Trained by copywriters and founded by an expert recruiter, our AI now has the skills to write killer content that captures the attention of prospective recruits.

We have over 50+ templates to choose from.

Photo Post Captions

Write catchy captions for your Instagram posts with relevant hashtags.

Create original content that ranks for SEO

Generate educational blog articles about your agency that will rank high on Google.

Marketing Angles

Brainstorm different angles to add vibrancy to your talent acquisition marketing.

Video Script Outline

Create script outlines for your videos. Works best for "Listicle" and "How to" style videos.

Video Script Hook and Introduction

Create a video intro that will capture your viewers attention and compel them to watch all the way through.

Video Topic Ideas

Brainstorm new video topics that will engage prospects and rank well on YouTube.

Sentence Expander

Expand a short sentence or a few words into a longer sentence that is creative, interesting, and engaging.

Blog Post Topic Ideas

Brainstorm new blog post topics that will engage readers and rank well on Google.

Facebook Ad Headline

Generate scroll-stopping headlines for your Facebook Ads to get prospects to click, and ultimately apply.

Facebook Ad Primary Text

Create high converting copy for the "Primary Text" section of your Facebook ads.

Facebook Post

Generate a week's worth of engaging Facebook posts with just one click, keeping your recruits excited about your agency.

End writer’s block with ideas from AI

Stuck staring at a blank page? Relax and let Hero Helper write creative copy that will attract more prospects.

Linkedin Agency Bio

Tell your law enforcement agency's story with a captivating bio.

LinkedIn Recruiter BIO

Write a creative personal bio that captures attention from prospective recruits.

Never Run Out of Ideas To Market Your Agency.
Just Ask Hero Helper AI...

Write Me a Facebook Ad to Attract More Applicants:

Need an advertisement for Facebook? Helper AI will generate an ad that will target the right audience and get them interested in your job opening.

Write me an attractive social media post for my agency's job opening:

Hero Helper AI will create a post that grabs the attention of potential candidates and encourages them to apply. The post will be engaging, informative, and on-brand with your agency's overall messaging.

Write an SEO Friendly Article That Will Rank High on Google

SEO friendly articles that rank are a lot of work. Save time and keep from getting stuck by asking Hero Helper to write it for you!

Write a creative and engaging script for a recruitment video:

Don't spend thousands on a videographer, let Hero Helper write a creative script for you that will engage potential prospects to apply.

Write a recruiting podcast outline about:

Podcasting is the new way to reach prospects. Use Hero Helper to write an outline for you. PRO TIP: After our AI writes the outline, have the AI write each section too!

Write a series of emails to onboard new applicants

Onboarding new applicants can be time-consuming and tedious. Let Helper AI write a series of emails that you can use to make the process easier and get them set up quickly.

Write a series of emails to potential applicants:

Hero Helper AI can write a series of emails that will reach out to prospective applicants and peak their interest. Not only that, but it can craft a personalized message tailored to each recipient.

Endless possibilities...

You can literally ask our AI to do anything, from writing blog posts and tweets, to creating Linkedin, Instagrarm, and Facebook posts. It's the perfect way to find, engage, and nurture potential job candidates.

Who is Hero Helper AI a Perfect Fit For?

Any public safety agency that is looking to recruit more officers are a good fit for our AI-powered technology.

Elevate Your Agency's Brand

Showcase your agency’s unique selling points and values to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Marketing Templates

Gain access to a comprehensive library of 50+ professionally crafted marketing templates, designed specifically for law enforcement recruitment.

Never Run Out of Ideas

Overcome creative blocks with a vast array of marketing campaign ideas at your fingertips.

Expert Copywriting

Leverage the same persuasive techniques used by leading marketing agencies to create compelling campaigns.

Fast Support

We're here for you! Just ask anything. ❤️ Our mission is to help you succeed. When you succeed, we succeed, so fire away.

Frequently Asked Questions

At no cost to you, a Product Specialist will conduct a personalized, hour-long product demonstration that caters directly to the needs of your organization.

Rest assured, there will be no hidden agendas or commitments!

Tailored for law enforcement agencies, the Hero Helper AI is a cutting-edge marketing solution that leverages AI technology.

It assists in optimizing recruitment processes for these agencies, streamlining these efforts for maximum efficiency.

Using advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques, the Hero Helper AI produces exceptional and finely-tuned police recruitment marketing content based on the user's detailed specifications.

With just a click of a button, this ingenious tool rapidly generates high-quality content for a range of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin, as well as email, video, and websites.

Yes, Hero Helper AI is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use.

Users can select a law enforcement creation template and fill out a detailed description of what you want. The AI will then generate unique content based on the user's input.

You can email us at, or you call/text us at (765) 204-2212

Yes, Hero Helper AI is designed to be scalable and can be used by law enforcement agencies of all sizes.

Whether you are a small local police department or a large federal agency, Hero Helper AI can help you streamline your recruitment efforts.

No, Hero Helper AI is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Users do not need any special training or technical knowledge to use the tool.

Simply select a content creation template, fill out a detailed description of what you want, and let the AI do the rest.

Yes, Hero Helper AI offers training and support to all its users. Once you book a demo, our team will work with you to provide a comprehensive training session, which will cover all aspects of using the tool.

Additionally, we provide ongoing support to all our users, and our team is always available to answer any questions or provide assistance whenever needed.

In addition to local and state police agencies, fire departments, and correctional facilities, Hero Helper AI can be used by a wide range of public service sectors to support their recruitment marketing efforts.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Emergency medical services (EMS)
  • Search and rescue teams
  • Border patrol and immigration services
  • Wildlife conservation and park services
  • Military and defense agencies
  • Animal control agencies
  • Federal law enforcement agencies (e.g., FBI, DEA, ATF)
  • State and local emergency response agencies
  • Animal control and welfare agencies
  • Transportation security agencies (e.g., TSA)
  • Environmental protection agencies
  • Public health agencies
  • Social services and human services agencies

By using Hero Helper AI, these public service sectors can produce high-quality, engaging content that resonates with potential recruits, saving time and resources in the process.

The tool's capabilities are versatile enough to help any public service sector improve their recruitment marketing efforts and ultimately attract more qualified candidates.

Hero Helper AI makes it easy for law enforcement agencies to generate high performing marketing content using cutting-edge AI technology.

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